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Welcome to, Capone Custom Cues are individually crafted by Mike Capone. He uses the finest rare woods and materials from around the world. Since his start in 1993 he was quickly recognized by his peers as one of the finest new cue makers on the scene and was immediately inducted into the American Cue Makers Association. Capone cues have a combination of beauty and playability which make them valuable collectors items as well as deadly weapons at the pool table. Find out why more and more professional players are using Capone Custom Cues.

Upcoming Events and Capone News
2011 Derby City Classic, January 21-29 2011
2010 U.S.Open 9-Ball Championships, October 17th to 23rd.
2010 Valley Forge, Super Billiards Expo March 18th-21st New Web Site Launch!!
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